Garden Report | First of June

It's Monday! Time for our weekly installment of Radical Homemaking. Interested in learning more about what that means, check out THIS post and THIS post. 

If my garden fails this year, at least I know it will not be due to lack of rain. Sheesh. Texas has been and continues to be in a flood crisis. My heart goes out this week to our brothers and sisters in Hays County, which has been hard hit by the incessant rain.

Yesterday, however, was a nice dry day with minimal mosquitoes and a cool(ish) evening breeze. My family and I took full advantage and spent the last daylight hours tying up tomatoes, re-routing bean vines and feeding bugs to the chickens. I'm still harvesting onions by the armfuls. And while tomatoes are a few weeks away from readiness, the Market Beans are ready for cooking!

What's coming up in your garden?