What do I really want to wear?

I'm not interested in wearing anything in my closet. When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is, "Great! Which ill fitting, awkward outfit do I want to wear today?" Well, no more! I'm tired of looking at my weird mix of clothing, agonizing over what to wear and then wearing the same old jeans and cardigan.

This weekend, I'm having a closet sale for my neighborhood. I have some really lovely stuff, but it's just not for me. As part of my capsule wardrobe project and my sewing aspirations, I'm getting rid of everything I don't love, wear or fit into right now. That means most everything in my closet is going to go. There's nothing like a clean slate to get your inspirational juices flowing. Selling my entire wardrobe is step one. Step two is answering the following question: What do I really want to wear?

Well, it goes a little something like this...