Radical Homemaking | Rain Rain Rain

It's Monday! Time for our weekly installment of Radical Homemaking. Interested in learning more about what that means? Check out THIS post and THIS post. 

We've had a few rainy weeks here in Dallas. Texas has been in a drought cycle and it's nice that Mother Nature is living up to that old adage, "April Showers". My garden is particularly happy. My only wish is that I had more rain barrels. I only have two 60-gallon containers, but I could have filled them 20 times over. I'd really like to have at least a 500-gallon capacity, if not more. My plan is to keep adding barrels as I am able.

When I watch the rain come down in sheets, shedding off rooftops and filling the gutters with river-like force, it makes me wonder why everyone with a roof isn't collecting rain water. Its essential to living on earth and it's free for the taking. Every home in Texas (and California for that matter) should have a 1,000 gallon cistern on the back end of their home to collect water run off. It seems like a really simple and viable step towards water conservation.

What do you think about rain water collection? 
Why don't more households do it?

Above: our back yard homestead.
Below: my two rain barrels.