Dream Catcher


My brother used to make dream catchers. They were his go-to gift for friends with new homes or new babies. There are a lot of little ones in our circle of friends and family that began their lives peering up at one of my brother's dream catchers.

When I was at Squam, I took Rachael Rice's dream catcher workshop. I'd never made one before. I really enjoyed the process of weaving the inner-web. My mother and I immediately came home and found supplies to show my son, Walker. He now has his own dream catcher hanging above his bed.

Today, as I move through my day, I'll hold the dream catcher image in my mind as a sort of walking meditation. Magic can happen. And it can happen even when shit is hitting the fan and your world is in chaos as mine is right now. All I have to do is trust - TRUST myself, TRUST this process, TRUST my grieving heart and remember my darling brother.


Pictured below are the two dream catchers my mother and I made at the Squam Art Workshops in Rachael Rice's workshop. The blue is my mother's and the white is mine. I love them so.