Artist America Martin

Last month, while on location for a home tour photo shoot in Fort Worth, I was introduced to the art of America Martin. She is very well known, especially on the West Coast, but I had not seen her work until now. I'm a huge Picasso fan and Martin's work is very closely aligned with his - although Martin seems to have a kinder gaze when it comes to her subject. Her work also invokes the art of Matisse and Fernand Léger. Martin is inspired by the female form. Her subjects are vibrant, self-possessed, thoughtful women who seem to leap off the canvas. The more I see her work, the more enchanted I become.

Here is Martin in her studio:




And here is some of her work:

As I said, Martin is clearly informed by Picasso's work. The painting above is in direct relationship with one of my favorite Picasso pieces, "Nude Under a Pine Tree" (below). 

To see more of Martin's work, please visit her website:

You can also find her on