Winter Gardening

It's Monday, which means it's time for another installment of Radical Homemaking. This weekend, I transferred my seedlings, which were planted the last week in December, into the raised bed! Everything was a little root bound, so I probably should have transferred them last week. I'm keeping a little harvest journal to refer to next year when I try this again. Here's my veggie patch roll call:

Red Russian Kale
America Spinach
Swiss Chard
Ladybird Nasturtium
Mixed Lettuces
Red Carrotts

I'm excited to see that my compost pile, which I started in September, is beginning to turn and change shape. It's working, it's working! Hopefully I'll have a lovely pile of summer compost made from our kitchen scraps, household and garden waste. Next week, I'll share some photos of my raised beds with winter veggies in their infancy.

Makeshift cold frames with seedlings for my early spring veggie garden.

Compost pile and dead leaf mulch

A filtered indoor compost bin sits on my kitchen counter to collect compost scraps.