My Art Website Launch

Welcome to the official launch of the new

Etsy and Flavors has been good to me for the past year, but its time to change things up a bit. Why the change? I want to consolidate my online art. Instead of sending people all over the interwebs to find my work I want to be completely available at one location.

I'm also changing the kind of art I make available online. Making huge art pieces is wonderfully satisfying, but it's expensive for both me and the buyer. Plus it is really crazy-balls-expensive to ship a stretched canvas. I'm still doing local commissions on big canvases and as always, I'm happy to ship for commissions. But now I'm taking a cue from an artist friend and making smaller, more affordable pieces available online.Yay!

To celebrate my new site, 
I want to share with you a bit more about my creative process.
Thank you Ceci Jane for this beautiful mini documentary about my work!

Here are some of the new mini-pieces available at

Chicago  -  8 x 8 inch acrylic on canvas

The Bones  -  8 x 8 inch acrylic on canvas

It's Not Over  -  8 x 8 inch acrylic on canvas

Fire Stone & Water Stone  -  MINI 5 x 5 inch acrylic on canvas

Check back tomorrow for another big announcement!
Until then, I'll see you at