Homemade Pizza Dough

Hello dear readers and welcome to another installation of Radical Homemaking! I've decided to make this a weekly feature on the blog. It's become a big part of our home life and as always, my goal at La Maison Boheme is to reflect the real journey I'm taking with my family and our beloved bohemian home. I usually come back from the weekend with some kind of domestic morsel to share, so Monday seems like a natural day for my weekly feature.

For some of you, most of the changes I'm making will not seem radical in the slightest. But for me (a girl who grew up buying genetically modified food on credit) and my family, baking our own bread from scratch, gardening, composting, hang drying our clothes, fermenting our own yogurt and shifting our connection away from corporate America is totally new - radical even.

I've been experimenting in the kitchen this weekend. One of the unexpected gifts of living more simply is that my first reaction to almost everything is, "I bet I could make that". Last night my six-year-old wanted to order pizza. Since my husband and I are laser-focused on our budget - a plan to help us cut all ties to big corporate banks and their nasty credit cards - ordering pizza wasn't really doable. So, I rolled up my sleeves, poked through a few bread books and found a rustic whole wheat crust that would do just fine.

Now I just need to learn how to make my own wine to pair with the pizza!
What is your favorite pizza dough recipe?
Please share because I'm hooked.