My House Plants

I have a small legion of little green babies that help oxygenate my home. I rotate them around to make sure they get good light and in the winter months, I use them as centerpieces when flowers are not an option.

The first is a Ficus that I got at Ikea of all places. Thing looses leaves and grows them back with some frequency. He responds well to a bright window but doesn't like direct sun so I keep him in our dining room.

This little guy is a small Fiddle Leaf Fig that I also picked up at Ikea. (Seriously, you should look in their garden section every once in a while if you're on the hunt for sculptural greenery.) This one lives in my bedroom.

I also have a Philodendron, a gift from a friend. This baby grows no matter what I do to it. Snow, sleet, heat, whatever - she just keeps producing. I often take cuttings from her and start new little plants all over the house.

Finally, I have a small Aloe plant, gifted to me by an actress who came over and had me take her head shots. I love this little guy and have used him twice to soothe a burned hand. He keeps me company in my art studio and office. Isn't she cute?

What kinds of house plants to you have?