Radical Homemaking | Seeds

I am not a gardener and as a California native, I am completely out of my element in Texas. However, I have a pioneering spirit, optimism and a healthy sense of adventure. I just placed an order for seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange (SSE). Basically I bought a dream - one that with hard work and luck will be come a reality in the summer of 2014.

It was sheer pleasure reading through the descriptions of each fruit and vegetable in the Seed Savers catalog. Even if you don't garden, its a good read. The SSE is a non profit devoted to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Its a great alternative to conventional seeds and the limited variety of genetically modified crap you find at the big box stores. I look at it as my own little tiny way of thumbing my nose at "big agriculture". Here's a look at what's going in my raised beds next season:

Are you a Texas gardener?
Any tips for a novice?