Life Lessons from my Son

Today is my son's sixth birthday, so I thought I'd share a little story about him. Two weeks ago, my husband and I attended a much anticipated wedding ceremony for our dear friend Kevin. Kevin and his partner Keith were hosting a ceremony to honor their wedding, which took place this summer in New York City. Here they are on their wedding day:

My son, Walker, wanted to make a picture for the happy couple and a marvelous conversation ensued:

Walker: I’d like to draw a picture for the couple getting married.
Sarah: Great! They’d love that.
Walker: Now is it a man and a man, a woman and a woman, or a man and a woman getting married?
Sarah: Good question. It’s a man and a man.
Walker: Good. Then I’ll draw two people with short hair. And I guess man clothes.
Sarah: Do you want to see a photo of them? (I show him the photo above.)
Walker: Oh, one is bald, that’s good to know. And look how smiley they are!

Walker's lesson:
Unconditional love, compassion and inclusion are our natural state. 
It really is that simple.

Kevin wrote a beautiful post about Walker, the picture, the conversation and the marriage ceremony on his blog, HERE.  I urge you to take a look and read Kevin's beautiful post. I'm so proud of my son and so happy to be his mama. Here is the picture:

Walker - happy birthday darling boy. 
You are a wonder and I love you so very much!