I'm going to make a potting hutch.

You know how furniture just makes its way into your life? A friend stores something for a friend and then asks you to store it for a while and then the piece slowly becomes yours as you realize no one is coming for it?  I've got this dining room hutch that doesn't really fit with our decor, but it's been in my house for two years now and I can safely say, it's mine.

This week, I'm going to cover this bad boy with turquoise paint and move it into my backyard where I will jimmy-rig it into a potting table with tool and chicken feed storage. Here's a shot below of the hutch (far back corner of the photo). I'll probably just take the upper cabinet doors off the hinges so that I don't have glass in the back yard.

I picked up a can of "oops" paint at Home Depot a few weeks back for 5 dollars - bright turquoise in a semi gloss - perfect for an outdoor project. I'll throw a base coat of Kilz on the hutch before painting and I'll be ready to go!

Hopefully it will look like the examples below. 
So stay tuned for the reveal on Friday!