Me, Singing

I'm a big fan of amateur art. You know, as opposed to professional art. Some of my most memorable art experiences have been at the hands of quote unquote amateurs. Maybe it was a little-known live band at a coffee shop in Ashland, Oregon or a beautiful painting from a talented friend in Maryland or getting together with friends on a weekend, bringing our instruments and jamming in someone's living room. There used to be a time when we made art for the fun and beauty of simply sharing it. It didn't need to end up on America's Got Talent. It was just an expressive moment made sweeter when shared. Do you remember in "Little Women" when the girls would gather around the piano and sing? That's what I'm talking about. Good old fashioned amateurism.

On that note, I'm sharing a song with you today. I'm not an amazing singer or anything, but I like to engage and sing and paint, tell stories and share with friends. I recorded this acapella song last night as a birthday gift for a dear friend. It turned out well and I thought I'd share it with you - my online friends in our blog based e-parlor. Maybe you could pull out your accordion and back me up? Viva la amateurs!


Do you ever share little artistic moments with your friends and family just for the joy of it?  Do you pull out your dusty violin at Thanksgiving and treat your mom to a tune? Do you ever buy a canvas and co-create a piece of art with your child? Do you ever go caroling at Christmas? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!