An Organic Peach Orchard Needs Your Help

Last summer I shared a very special home with you HERE. It belongs to Linda and Rob Cordtz, who own and operate an organic orchard in Eastern Oregon. This spring, their beloved orchard experienced some very unseasonably warm weather, which caused the trees to come out of dormancy and begin to flower far before their time. When April temperatures dropped back down in the low 20's, the Cordtz's lost more than 70 percent of their 2013 harvest - a devastating blow for their business and also for the one thousand or more families that depend on the orchard for food.  Here are some photos from my article on last August:

Eagle Orchard has just started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise 30,000 dollars for an upgraded weather protection system so that they can ensure the safety and health of future harvests.  Check out their plans by watching the campaign video HERE. Please considering making a contribution to this amazing hudle of trees. The best peach I've ever eaten is from this orchard and I want more peaches!!  Please help by clicking HERE or by clicking on the widget below.  

Dreaming of peaches...