Home Tour - La Maison Boheme

A couple of weeks ago, my house was on a local home tour. I took the opportunity to photograph my home while it was in this unheard of state of cleanliness. I've never posted my whole house all at once because there was always some undone project sitting around. But after three and a half years of rearranging furniture, shuffling rooms and painting walls one, two and three times over, I'm finally feeling settled!  So, here is the whole she-bang.  

Click HERE to see how I did my entry way. 

Click HERE to see the living room transformation. 

Photo by Hilary Walker

Click HERE to see a tutorial about painting my dining chairs. 

Click HERE to see photo from the day we painted the kitchen. 

Click HERE to see photos of this room when it was a home office and before that, a guest room.

Click HERE to see photos of my son's room being transformed. 

Our fourth bedroom has been turned into a little TV den. 

Click HERE to see the 'before' photo when the den used to be Charlie's nursery. 

The photos below of my art studio were taken on a different day, but I thought I'd include them. 
The studio is in an uninsulated converted two-car garage. Click HERE to see a 'before' photo.

Photo by Hilary Walker

And here are the outdoor spaces: