This Week in the Studio - Spring Clean

Here's the scoop. My home studio - the one I've only been inhabiting since the fall - is already too small for me. What started out as the perfect amount of space has become a store house of canvases, paint buckets and drop cloths with no working room. I'm currently working on two large scale pieces and they have consumed the space.  I can barley see what I'm doing.

So my home is getting yet another overhaul. This Sunday, my husband and I are going to play musical rooms.  We have an uninsulated garage that was converted into a 'rumpus room' by the previous owners.  Right now, it houses my son's Lego collection, a jumble of furniture, a TV and many known and unknown peanut butter sandwiches.  As my husband so astutely observed, "the space lends itself to squalor."

No more!  I am going to convert that big space into my studio. I'll have room for canvases, drop cloths, paint buckets and more! My studio will become my son's nursery and my son's nursery will become a little TV den. And after a big purge, all toys will go into my children's bedrooms where they belong. It's ambitious, I realize, but oh so necessary. So goodbye little studio space... you've served me well. Now, I'm ready for bigger canvases, more breathing room and a place to really open up and get messy.

Stay tuned for the studio reveal sometime next week!
Until then, here is some inspiration:

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