Book Review: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

This month, I've been reading Nurturing the Soul of Your Family by Renee Trudeau.  It's a wonderful book filled with all sorts of ideas and ways to simplify your life and focus on the things that really matter - namely personal interactions.

The reason I was drawn to this book is this: while I understand how to create meaningful interactions with my family, I rarely have the personal energy and grounded stamina to do it. I'm always tired and a little discombobulated, which means that I often opt for a shortcut. Unlike other "how to help your family" books, Renee has hit on self-care for parents as a major component of family happiness.

In her chapter "The Transformative Power of Self Care" Trudeau defines self-care as "the art of attuning and responding to you deepest needs and desires."  For me, a work-at-home-creative-entrepreneur-mama-of-two, this really resonated with me. Trudeau writes:

Self-care is the foundation for becoming a courageous parent. It's not about pampering; it's about owning your personal power. It's about self-worth and owning the person you are. I believe this is our spiritual birthright. 

So this week I'm trying to put her words into practice. I want to show myself the same love, gentle care and compassion I offer my little ones.

You can pick up your own copy of Trudeau's book HERE.  
Or you can read her blog HERE.


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