Who are you saving it for?

My acting teacher used to say this to me on occasion: Who are you saving it for?  What he meant was, when you're acting (or participating in any kind of creative act) there is no reason to hold back. Leave it all on the stage.  Leave it all on the canvas.  Spend everything you have and the result with be a pure and powerful creative expression.

My first step towards stepping out of my comfort zone in the coming week? This Monday I'm taking a FREE online class with friend and creative guru, Marney Makridakis.  I love taking her classes and always find them to be an inspiring kick-in-the-pants. 

Calling all bold, boisterous bohemian souls: Marney Makridakis from ArtellaLand.com is presenting an all-new, soulfully whimsical FREE teleworkshop happening on Monday, February 18: "Sun Money Smoothies…and 37 other self-powered solutions". Learn her fun process that seems to magically turn your quirky interests, eccentric loves, and odd passions into profitable products.