Tourist in my own town.

On Wednesday, my father and I took my kids to the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science in downtown Dallas.  The building itself resembles a disjointed cube of stacked stone tucked up against the freeway.  We've been itching to get inside and see the new space.

My 5-year old son's response?  "Totally awesome!"  And he's right.  It is.  If you ever find yourself in the DFW area, put it on your list.  My favorite part of the day?  Listening to my five-year-old explain to me that water is "actually" a compound called H2o, which means an oxygen molecule and 2 hydrogen molecules.

Here's a shot of my son, Charlie exploring a light sensitive wall with his hands.

Walker and I read about our expanding universe.

Walker and I discuss the finer points of Barometric Pressure.