Santa Baby

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the music. I love the family gatherings. I love red and green. I love giving gifts. And most of all, I love that my husband is on a academic schedule, which allows him to take the entire holiday off. It's awesome!

Today, I've made my holiday wish list - all the little and big things I'd love Santa to set under my tree this year.  The first one is already ours. My son Charlie was fitted for his wheel chair last week. Here's the "wishing" part: I would like this piece of equipment to be delivered and billed to my insurance company before January first.  If the company can get their ducks in a row and get this chair to Charlie before the year is out, we pay nothing out of pocket.  If however, they can't get it to us until January, it's going to be... well, it will be in the thousands out of pocket.  Oye! Don't you love insurance?  Anyhoo... put a little light around that for me, will you?  If any one can do it, it's Santa.

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What's on your list this year?