I'm in love with my sink.

I'm so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our household.  
Readers, meet my kitchen sink.  Isn't she lovely?  

For the past three years, my sink has been hanging on to the counter top for dear life with screws missing, stripped and unable to secure its weight. One serviceman said, "Don't bathe your kid in there, it might fall through."  What?  That's crazy talk, but it was true. Then about a year ago, the faucet started leaking.  The rubber stoppers didn't work and soon we had a constant stream of water leaking through our sink everyday.  We have been living like water criminals.  Its deplorable, really.  But this week, we bit the bullet and replaced our sink and faucet.  Thank you to my dear friend Aubrey for installing this beauty!

Okay, here's what it looked like before -blech.

And now, it looks like THIS!

The drains don't match now, but who the hell cares.  Its a DRAIN.