I Won "Paris in Color"

Thank you to Milsters, author of the lovely blog Little Pieces of Light for hosting a great Christmas giveaway!  I won Paris in Color - a book of photos by the very talented Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen.  I couldn't be happier!  This book is a stunning collection of Nichole's Paris photos organized according to color.  It's breathtaking. Thank you Milsters - what a wonderful surprise!

Paris in Color reminds me of this quote about vitality, generosity and joy by Simone de Beauvoir:

"There is vitality only by means of free generosity... and sensitivity is nothing else but the presence which is attentive to the world and to itself. The reward for these spontaneous qualities issues from the fact that they make significances and goals appear in the world. They discover reasons for existing. They confirm us in the pride and joy of our destiny as man."

All photos by Nichole Robertson.