Proud Mama

My son, Walker, turned five on Monday. He is a delightful, intelligent boy with a fathomless sense of compassion for others.  I seem to be in a continual state of awe at our complicated interactions, his acute perceptions and my inability to grok the fact that he's already five years old. Yes, he is surly, willful and myopic, but he is also a continual source of joy, humor and learning.

This week, I attended a parent teacher meeting at Walker's preschool. This collection of leaves was tacked to the wall outside the classroom. Walker wanted to make sure that I saw it and said, "Mama, each one is so different - just like people."

On Tuesday this week, Walker accompanied his younger brother to a physical therapy session where we tried out a wheel chair for the first time. (Why does Charlie need a wheel chair? Read his story HERE). Walker helped his little brother get situated and then asked if he could push him around the therapy center. I've not seen two happier boys in all my life.

Happy fifth birthday to the bravest, 
brightest and most connected 
little man I've ever known.
Walker - you're a gem.