Ithaca, NY

I just returned from a four day trip to Ithaca, New York. I was attending a reading of "Leni", one of my plays, which was being produced at Ithaca College. I was also visiting some theater friends I used to work with in California.  It was such a delight to leave an 80 degree Dallas and visit the North East where Autumn is in full swing.

Below is Taughannoack Falls.

Knowing my obsession with ice cream, my friends treated me to New York's finest at Cayuga Lake Creamery. No... for real... it's the best.  Read about it HERE.

Rehearsal for "Leni".
Thank you Sarah, Kathleen, David and Jalani!

I'd love to spend more time in New York and journey further upstate as well.
My favorite part of the trip? Quiet time to sit, read, write and sip something warm.