Eagle Creek Orchard on Houzz

A few weeks ago, I published an article at Houzz.com about Robert and Linda Cordtz who own and operate Eagle Creek Orchard, an organic orchard in Eastern Oregon. They are incredible stewards of their land and produce some of the most delicious and wholesome food I've ever tasted. After our interview, Linda sent me home with a box of peaches. One was so perfectly ripe that I was able to spoon the flesh strait off the fruit to my 2-year-old son, who was still only ingesting pureed food due to his stroke and cerebral palsy. It was amazing. Here are some of the photos of their home and an excerpt from the article. Enjoy!

From the article:

In 2005, Robert and Linda Cordtz took a remarkable leap of faith by leaving their longtime home and investing their life savings in an ailing orchard. Driven by their passion for green living and their love of wholesome food, they bought a conventional orchard in Eastern Oregon and began the tedious and tender work of transitioning the trees from conventional to organic.

Robert used to work for the Forestry Service removing toxic waste from natural places. During that time he saw more than his share of environmental destruction from chemicals and man-made pollution. "When I retired from that job I decided that I didn't want to touch another toxic thing ever again," he says. When Linda speaks of their work creating a sustainable future, she becomes serious and says that any toxin on this property "stops here." 

You can read the full article HERE.