Wardrobe Changes

Last week I donated four blue Ikea bags full of plus sized clothing.  Basically, an entire size 24 wardrobe left my home in body bags. I have 42 free hangers in my closet.  It feels so strange to purge a collection of clothing that I spent over a decade amassing. The only thing I kept was a pair of blue jeans - a reminder of of my former self.  I'm happily down to a size 16 now.  I know that seems large for some people, but at six feet tall, it looks just right on me.

But back to this empty closet. I'm not in a financial position to run out and fill it up or anything, but I've been scheming and collecting data. My lifestyle has changed a lot in the last 10 years and my old wardrobe, while lovely, was a little out of sync with my current aesthetic. So I look at this as the perfect opportunity to re-tool my look.  Pinterest is a big help.  As I look over my fashion pin-board, I notice that my style is kind of "Annie Hall" meets casual Jane Austin.  Good to know as I'm hunting down new pieces for my wardrobe. If you'd like to see what I'm thinking about, click HERE to follow my fashion picks on Pinterest. What's on your fall shopping list?

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