Art with my family

The other day I saw THIS post over at My Favorite and My Best. I watched the posted video of Aelita - a very young abstract painter - while she created a little masterpiece mish mash of paint, glue, gold leaf and gook. Regardless of what you think of her work or her parents who filmed her or the exploitative nature and voyeurism associated with the media and gifted children, Aelita is an inspiration.  See the video HERE and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Inspired by her creative abandon and pure confidence, my family made some art.  Charlie was napping, so I threw down some drop cloths and a few cheap canvases on our back patio and grabbed every bottle of paint I could find. My husband, son and I stripped down to our skivies (it was really hot outside and I didn't feel like doing an extra load of paint-splattered laundry) and went crazy. After the art making was over, we all agreed that it was a wonderful way to spend an hour together.  My husband said it was really relaxing. And I felt it was a good exercise in 'release' to let my four year old make a huge beautiful mess of things.  Here are the results of our art marking:

Husband Jack and son, Walker (4) made this piece together.


Jack and Walker also co-created this piece.

Walker and I painted this triptych together.


Walker requested that I put together a few spray bottles just like Aelita!

And here is the competed piece I've been working on the past few nights - "Orange Scarf"