A Room of My Own - New Studio Office

Remember the THIS post from Saturday: "A Someday Home Studio"?  Well, it turns out that "someday" wasn't that far away.  My amazing husband read the post and gave me the green light to move my home office from the tiny cramped room off our kitchen to the guest room.  Our agreement was that I would ONLY use things I already had on hand in the house and that I would not spend a dime.

So, I spent all day Sunday hauling books, moving furniture, choking on dust bunnies and basically rearranging the entire house. The guest bed went into my son's room (he scored on the upgrade). I took the bookcases from the nursery and replaced them with the homeless twin bed from my son's room.  I worked from 9:30am-1pm on breaking down and reassembling furniture and then spent a few hours in the evening pulling it all together.  Here are the results!

Drum roll please...

The desk lamp is a thrift store score from the summer. I found this lattice-work Blanc de Chine lamp base for five dollars! The print on the easel ("Nude with Coral Necklace" by August Macke) was a gift from iCanvas Art. I'll be hosting a giveaway for them in the coming weeks so be sure to check back. You too could snag yourself a piece of awesome art!


The table next to the bathroom door is actually two file cabinets butt to butt.  I don't particularly like the look of it, but it will serve for the time being. I covered it in a piano shawl and propped a one-dollar yard sale painting on top. This part of the room will have to evolve a bit before I'm satisfied.

I had this green velvet slipper chair (Crate and Barrel) in another room. The gray chevron pouf on the floor is by Aletafae. I won it during a blog giveaway last year. The two Picasso prints are among my favorite pieces of art EVER. The top one is "Margo", a portrait of a prostitute at a bar Picasso frequented. The other is from his blue period called "La Vida" - a couple standing face to face, the woman with their baby and the man with his lover.

The desk is an antique breakfast table that my husband purchased before he and I were even dating. Its a creaky, wonderful piece with two leaves and lots of character. Oh and remember that thing about not spending a dime?  Well, I broke my promise and bought the potted pink orchid at Ikea for 4.99 - it was half price because one of the stems had broken off. But the room needed something alive and surely my sweet man can forgive five dollars, right?

So that's the whole shebang!  I am so excited to have such a beautiful room for writing, reading, painting and puttering.  And I'm so grateful that I have the kind of husband who says "yes" to my cooky whims.

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