Charlie's Second Birthday Party

I hosted a birthday brunch for Charlie today.  He doesn't officially turn two until next week, but this was our chance to celebrate.  I didn't do a whole lot of decorating, but I did make a garland of cut outs depicting Charlie's smiley face.  It was a silly and fun way to celebrate his joyful personality and his many recent physical developments.  We had a big group of friends with kids of all ages.  So we served a light brunch, made paper bag pirate puppets, played dress-up and munched on red velvet cake balls.  It was awesome.  The best part about hosting the party is left over champagne from the mimosas.  How doesn't love a boozy mommy post-party? 

Here are some photos from the day!

Here are the pirate puppets we made with the kids.  
I guess these two pirate dudes are French and Italian judging from their color scheme.

And the (almost) birthday boy!