State of the House Address

Yesterday morning, all of the beds in my house were made at the same time.   As you can imagine, this is a rare occurrence.  I thought that I'd take a few snap shots - sort of a visual State of the Union kind of thing.  The "union" of course being my homestead on a good day. 

This is the master bedroom.  
It never looks this good, so taking a photo for posterity is a must. 

Below is the guest room.  This room is a gimme.  
I mean, if this bed isn't made - then there's a problem with my marriage.

Below is Charlie's nursery.  
As you can see we adhere to the "creative piles" school of organization.
The Buddha in the corner is like, "Sheesh, these people... Look at all this shit!"

Below is Walker's room.
This is the good corner. Behind the camera is a colossal mish-mash of train track, Lego bits,
puzzle pieces, Thomas the Tank Engine paraphernalia, and overdue library books.

I hope you're having a great day!
Did you make your bed today?