Paper Chain Zen Circles Christmas Garland

This year, I wanted to have a long term Christmas project that our family could work on in our off hours. When you've got a four-year-old yearning to play in his water logged sand box, you've got to have something up your sleeve.  So, we've spent the last few weeks creating a paper chain garland for our Christmas tree. I was inspired by this beautiful zen circle...

Red Zen Circle by Ren Adams

We painted our chain strips in a similar style.

Walker was sad that we didn't yet have a Christmas tree to hang it on.
Patience, baby, patience.  Nothing ever comes all at once.  Especially good things.

Wondering how to make one of these beauties for yourself?  
Here is a video of Walker (age 4) explaining the process to his Daddy.

Yesterday, we brought home our Christmas tree 
and were finally able to hang our garland. 

Charlie was mesmerized.

Did you make hand made Christmas garlands as a kid?  
What materials did you use?