Pantry Jars From IKEA

Remember this post from two weeks ago?  
Oh, and this one too.

I recently embarked on a weight loss plan that involves eating mostly plant based and raw foods.  This, as you can imagine, has completely shifted my needs in the kitchen and pantry.  Most of the meals I'm preparing call for fruits, veggies, raw seeds and nuts.  And when my pantry is in shambles, clouded with lots of processed canned food, its hard to find what I'm looking for.  Enter IKEA with their inexpensive and awesome pantry jars.

My pantry (and life) are still in transition as I shift from my normal American diet to a mostly raw eating plan, but my hope is that my pantry and kitchen will soon reflect my new diet.  Its a slow process, but getting my dry goods organized and labeled is a big first step. 

Ta da!