Guest Post - My Favorite and My Best

Hello dear readers!  Today is a very special day because its Charlie's first birthday!  To read the latest update on baby Charlie, hop on over to Help Charlie Heal.  I've been away this week tending to Charlie during his surgery and recovery and he's doing great. In the meantime, please welcome my sister-friend Jenny from My Favorite and My Best.  My question to Jenny?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object." 

 hello to all of you.  
i am jenny also known as MFAMB also known as your mom or just that annoying blogger who likes to say fart and talk about poop.

sarah has asked for my participation in this series while her tiny angelbaby goes and gets his brain fixed.
and i am honored to be here.
you should know i have had the distinct honor of meeting charlie and he is delicious and sweet and funny and smart and happy and silly and wonderful.


today we are talking about what your yard would look like if you were a fancy rich person who could wipe their butt with money if they ran out of toilet paper.  but they wouldn't run out of toilet paper bc they have maids and shopper people who keep tabs on that shit and it never runs out.
but if it did, they would just reach down into their purse and grab a dolla bill and wipe (front to back please).
so here is how i imagine things..
in my life as mrs. moneyface there'd be a LOT of this business...

some sprawling horsey shenanigans...

some manorly wildflowers o'r there...

a fartload of blue hydrangeas err'where..

a private lake with some boats and shit...

my own private officeloungerealitytvwatchingplace that opens onto a courtyard..

only the courtyard looks more like this...

and then there's the swimming portion of this money parade...
private, with trees and chinoiserie pots..

but also this bc i have lots of friends...

and then bc money is no object i also have a brownie tree in my moneybags yard..
it grows brownies!!!!!

you are all invited to my annual brownie gorging harvest party.
(i also have a cow who squirts magical cold milk into our mouths)

go get em charlie!!
i will save the biggest brownie for you.
aunt mfamb

Thank you so much Jenny!  Tomorrow, join us for our last
guest post of the week, which comes to us from Kelly of Fabulous K.