Guest Post from Bijou and Boheme

I'm away this week tending to baby Charlie during his craniofacial surgery and recovery in the hospital, so I've invited some of my favorite bloggers to fill in for me here at La Maison Boheme.  My question to them?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object."  Please welcome Christine from Bijou and Boheme:

I am so delighted to be visiting Sarah's gorgeous blog today
while she is away taking care of her sweet Charlie.

When Sarah asked me if I'd like to do a post about my dream backyard oasis,
I of course said hell dreaming of some backyard bliss.
So here you have it...a little inspiration, followed by a little garden mood board a la moi.

{photos via Pinterest}

And just in case you want specifics, here's my must have dream backyard list:
1. country estate that maintains its charm even though it's large
2. wildflower fields
3. cocktails- preferable mint juleps, mimosas or some British drink my friend told me about that is apparently 'the' summer drink - Pips maybe?
4. glass conservatory that looks old and is made with metal framed glass
5. hanging swing...double points for flower wrapped
6. lounge chairs..the more regency looking the better
7. antique fireplace stuffed with logs
8. black and white stripes or dogs (see cushions below)
9. outside dining area...made of up of perfectly mixed (preferable vintage) furniture pieces
10. tons of vases filled with copious amounts of flower pretty
11. hidden nooks
12. the kind of pool you'd imagine seeing in an old Hollywood film 
13. outdoor movie set up- romcom styles

And with that, here's what I came up with when I shushed some of the noted inspiration together.

PS...designing stuff is so much more fun when you can dream big
and binge on 1st Dibs, Jayson Home and Garden etc.

Thanks again for having me Sarah...along with this post, I'm sending you big mushy hugs.



Thank you so much, Christine!  Tomorrow, we'll hear from Raina from
If the Lamp Shade Fits when she reveals her dreamy backyard fantasy!