Sarah Saw Something - Farm Edition

I'm back at my Mama's Oregon farm for one night before my husband and I drive cross country and home to Dallas with our son Charlie.  As many of you know, Charlie has craniofacial surgery on August 1st.  My husband and I will be in the hospital with Charlie for a few days and then home for his recovery period.  We are leaving my three year old, Walker, with his grandmother during Charlie's surgery for obvious reasons.  This will be the first time that Walker has been away from both of us for longer than one night.  Gulp.  I'm making no bones about it... this shit is hard.  So, we've really enjoyed this last day together on my Mama's farm - playing, lounging, snacking and loving on each other.

Journaling on the front porch.

Walker peeling his first ever orange!

Playing Gin with my husband.

My Mom and her sweet husband take Walker for a spin on the 4-wheeler.

My mom and Walker enjoy an apple in the rocking chair.