For the Father of my Children

Happy Father's Day to all you sweet daddies out there.  I'm going to hang it all out there and share with you a mushy love poem I wrote for my husband, who is an exceptionally loving and compassionate father to our sons.  In short, he's a dream boat. I mean, just look at him:

For Jack:

Our boys are young
but you are not new to the art of fatherhood.
I should have seen it when we met,
or when Curt said "Do you take Jack to be..."
to be what?  The whole world and everything in it?

They see you lead by example,
becoming their best selves
in the ample lap of your love.
Toys tucked away on shelves,
resting their heads on airplane pillow cases, 
you read a myth or a fable illuminated 
by the cloud light on their bedside table.

They lean in, eager for kisses
even though they know your beard will scratch.
I marvel as you nuzzle and play
and patch their imaginary holes
a Jack of all make-believe trades.

How is it that you carry my burdens
and babies on your shoulders without
so much as a "you owe me" or a "see this?"
You have always been their father
even before there was a we.

Tonight after we've tucked in and tag teamed
you'll lean over and say as you always say
Good Job Mama.
They are ours and I am yours
and you are all we've ever dreamed.

Happy Father's Day!