Road Trip - La Posada Hotel in Winslow, AZ

Yesterday, we made our way from Santa Fe to Flagstaff.  But we made a stop along the way at the La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona.  My mom had visited this historical hotel last summer and raved about it.  We only stayed an hour or so, but I can't wait to go back for a night or two!  The La Posada has a very interesting history, which you can read about on their website: HERE.

The exteriors were beautiful, but I was most fascinated and awed by the interiors.  The hotel's interiors boast a magical mix of modern Southwestern art, vintage rustica and Mexican Indian bohemianism. 

The art was fantastic. Over-sized portraits filled with magical realism were hung on every wall.  The piece below was my favorite.  The title?  "A New Year's Eve Party in Purgatory for Suicides in Which Liberace Makes a Guest Appearance Down From Heaven Just For The Hell Of It."  The piece was painted by Tina Moin.

Another by Tina Moin below...

The La Posada backs up directly to the Santa Fe rail line.  In the hour that we were there, we saw six trains come through.  My son, Walker, is a train fanatic and just about fell over himself when the first diesel pulled through.

You know how fond I am of our Lady of Guadalupe.  
This was in the foyer as we were leaving.  Isn't she lovely?

Soon we were back in the car, headed towards Flagstaff.  Here was my view from the front seat looking back.  I have to say, both Walker and Charlie were incredible in the car.  Such good boys! 

...and Charlie had his foot caught in his monkey toy for almost 75 miles.  And I didn't notice how crazy his widow's peak was until I looked at this photo!