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Thank you to the people at Arcadian Home Decor for giving this Bohemian Mama a day off with her kiddos.  While I'm out and about, please enjoy this guest post about my favorite piece of accent furniture - the bar cart! XO

In my mind, no home is complete without a stylish bar cart. They are reminiscent of Mad Men and a more sophisticated era when everyone celebrated cocktail hour and finished off the day with a scotch, neat.  If you are planning to make use of the warm weather and want to enjoy an ice-cold mint julep poolside, and want the convenience of a cart that will work well indoors and outdoors, look for a bar cart with wheels and an outdoor-friendly material, like wood or wicker. Of course, with a stylish bar cart and central air conditioning, you can also stay inside and host a sophisticated dinner, mixing gin martinis and whiskey sours for your guests.  What's great about bar carts is that they can be decorated as though they are a piece of accent furniture. You can decorate them with mini flower vases, tea towels and an array of beautifully-colored glasses and mixing accessories. So stock up on your favorite wine, spirits, mixers, and accompanying glasses because bar carts are finally back in style.

New York Times (via)

This gorgeous bar cart is actually an antique carpenter's workbench. While you can't move a cart like this around, you can make the most use out its space by using trays and keeping it either in your kitchen or dining room.

Everything Fabulous (via)

The table decorations on this bar cart are so lovely. This one makes a great use of space with goblets and cordials in cobalt blue, a silver pitcher and two gorgeous crystal decanters. The pink flowers add a nice pop of color. Come to think of it, since it is Spring, keep a vase filled with fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, or basil for decoration and for mixing.

Everything Fabulous?(via)

A vintage brass bar cart looks beautiful nestled behind stacks and stacks of books.

Belle Maison (via)

Here is another example of being creative with your bar carts. A three-tiered accent piece has been converted into a chic bar cart in the Hollywood Regency style and adorned with modern decanters, glasses and a silver server set. The Foo dog is a quirky touch.

Good Taste Purveyors via Roost (via)

This stylish bar cart is made of cast an sheet aluminum with large metal wheels for ease of movement.

Two Tall Blondes via Lonny Magazine (via)

I just love the giant wheels on this wooden bar cart.

Lua Los Angeles (via)

This bar cart is absolutely stunning in this sunny home. The trays have a mirrored bottom and the slanted arms and wheels make it so much easier to roll to and fro.  If you are just aching for a stylish bar cart of your own, there are places to purchase them. In stores, bar carts tend to be a little pricey, running upwards of $100 to $200, but you can get a little creative and save money. One way to do this is by converting a small bookcase into an immobile bar cart. Or pairing two accent tables together and topping them with lacquered trays. And don't forget to check out vintage bar carts on websites like eBay, Craigslist or even at your local flea market you'll be sure to find a stylish bar cart at an affordable price.

Thank you to Arcadian Home Decor and I'll see you all back here tomorrow!