Road Trip - Dallas to Amarillo

My husband took a job this summer at the Utah Shakespeare Festival as a voice and speech coach.  This will be his fourth season!  Instead of splitting up our family for 7 weeks while he fine tunes the sounds of Shakespeare, we are all going together this year!  Yesterday, we packed our car and headed west.  Walker, my three year old, slept for the better half of the drive.  Too bad, because he missed out on some really pretty scenery:


We didn't hop out and look around because it was 108 degrees.  Ay, ay, ay!

Today should be much more eventful, we're headed to Santa Fe for a day of exploring and sight seeing!  I told Walker that we were going to Santa Fe and he perked up.  "Santa's Face?" he asked!  Does he live there?  You never know, he might be there on summer vacation.