Update on Charlie

Its been a big week for Charlie and our family.  Thank you, again, to all of you who have extended your love, support and healing mojo to my sweet Charlie.  He is already rewarding us with big advances this week.  Because of his stroke, Charlie is behind the "normal" curve when it comes to making multisyllabic sounds, ie. "bababab".  Charlie usually makes an open "a" sound that lives in the back of his throat. Jack, my husband, had the fantastic idea to involve our three-year-old, Walker, in Charlie's speech therapy.  Jack explained that rather than mimicking Charlie's open vowel sounds (Walker's normal pattern), he should make sounds that start with consonants.  So this week, Walker has been like the Big Bopper shouting, "Ba Ba Ba Baby!" for Charlie's pleasure and benefit.  Charlie thinks this is pretty funny. And just yesterday, Charlie did it.  For the first time he said, "ya ya ya" and "Dee" and "Bee" and "ma ma ma".  These are HUGE strides for our little guy.  I was so excited, I had to share with you all... especially since you've all become part of Charlie's recovery team!  Yay Charlie!  If you're interested in supporting this amazing and smiley sweetheart, please visit Help Charlie Heal.  See, just look how happy you've made him:

On another note, Charlie's Etsy site will be fully stocked and up and running on Wednesday.  I had no idea that we would sell out so quickly on Monday!  Thank you to everyone who has already purchased Walker's cards.  For those of you who are waiting in the wings, check back on Wednesday afternoon and we'll be back in business.  Thank you so much!

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