All My Sons

Like most American families, we have spent the last few weeks saddled with nasty colds, and our littlest kiddo, Charlie, had bronchitis.  Thankfully, we're all on the mend now and Walker, my oldest even felt well enough to produce this painting yesterday.  I think its one of my favorites.  (Click HERE to see some of his previous work.)

Even though we've been ill, we've also had some very good news about our son Charlie, who as you know is dealing with a bevy of health issues.  Both his cardiologist and geneticist have given him a clean bill of health as far as their expertise is concerned.  Charlie can now check off his heart murmur, his enlarged PFO (a little hole in his heart), and any and all possible genetic disorders.  In the months ahead, Charlie will be preparing for cranio-facial surgery (to separate his fused skull due to Craniosynostosis) and possibly kidney surgery (to eliminate his duplicate collecting system).  He'll also continue physical therapy and treatment with his neurologist as it relates to his stroke.  So as you can see, taking our geneticist and our cardiologist off of the payroll is awesome news for us.  We're over the moon!  I'm sure Charlie will continue to check these remaining health issues off the list as he grows and thrives.