My Childhood Bedroom Was...

Today, I'm participating in the first ever Blog For Digs fundraiser, hosted by Stonehouse Love, benefiting Dwell With Dignity.  Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit organization of interior designers and volunteers who use donated and re-purposed goods to decorate the homes of families living in poverty.  This year, my Christmas wish is that children everywhere have access to a beautiful room to grow and thrive in - a bedroom where they feel safe and loved.  Please join me in supporting Dwell with Dignity and click HERE to make a donation. 

Our challenge is to create a blog chain to raise awareness about Dwell With Dignity by finishing the statement "My childhood bedroom was..." We've also been asked to include something we always wanted in our room, but never had.  So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to little Sarah:

 My childhood bedroom was wallpapered in pink dots and yellow flowers.  There was also a wallpaper border that bisected the room.  It depicted white geese with pink and yellow ribbons tied sweetly around their necks.


The bedding and curtains were white with eyelet details and the decor was ever-changing to match my tastes.  In the closet you might find a jumble of Care Bears, My Little Pony figurines, Barbie dolls and Jelly shoes. 

I loved my two piece bedroom set - a long dresser like the one below and a matching side table.  Above the dresser I had a poster of Madonna, whom I unabashedly adored. I had a little plastic bowl on top of my dresser to hold my extensive collection of jelly bracelets.

I was very fortunate, in that my mother always allowed me (and even encouraged me) to rearrange my furniture, change out my bedding or add new decorative items as I grew older.  But the one thing that little Sarah always wanted and never had was (remember that this was the early eighties)... a bean bag chair.  Our neighbor had a pink one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  However, I would have chosen one in purple.  

I have received the baton from yesterday's blog post at Lucent Imagery and am happy to continue the chain.  Want to see the all the participating blogs? Click HERE.  Thanks for reading and again, please join me in supporting Dwell with Dignity and click HERE to make a donation. 

P.S. Now I'm curious, dear readers... What was your childhood bedroom like? Did you have a favorite item or something you wished for but never had?