Hello dear readers.  Today, I'm doing a little weekend housekeeping at La Maison Boheme.  I've got a new layout for the blog (I hope you like it) in hopes of de-cluttering your computer screen.  Are you looking for the blog list that was formerly on the left sidebar?  Have no fear... its now situated on the top bar as "blogroll".  All of my favorite blogs are listed alphabetically for easier access! Thanks for letting me take a day to clean up around here! 

Don't forget to enter our giveaways from Ramsign (HERE)... 

...and B. Poetic Home (HERE)! 

...and we have another winner!

The winner of the Olive and Ruby calendar is White Collar | Green Soul.  

And since this is the first weekend in December, my family and I are off to hunt down the perfect Christmas tree.  Once its up and secure we're going to trim and decorate, while enjoying some warm drinks and a winter stew.  I haven't pulled out the crock pot in a while, but the cold weather and family tree trimming calls for comfort food. 

I hope that you and yours have a beautiful weekend!