Boho Bedroom

I have a theory that the bedroom might be the cradle of civilization.  What are you ranting about, Sarah?  Yes - the cradle of civilization!  Follow me here...  Where do people start their embryonic journey?  Usually in the wombs of their mothers, who happen to be in a bed.  Where do dreams and thoughts first germinate?  Usually in the early hours of morning while asleep or lying in bed. I'm also thinking of all the artists over the centuries who have use their bedrooms to create their art - the easel in the corner the manuscript on the side table.  Some of my favorite writers (Edith Wharton, Colette, Proust and James Joyce) wrote exclusively in their beds. So you can see that according to my theory the cradle of civilization which mainly includes people, thoughts and art, all stem from the bedroom.  Do you think I have a case?

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