Winging It

via Lemons and Laundry

You know what I love?  Interior spaces that are stuffed full of things that when viewed separately, don't really belong together.  But then, being assembled in the same room they suddenly, as if by magic, appear as a cohesive whole.  It shouldn't work.  But it does.  And if done well, the space becomes a sort of artwork - a painting of itself.  Brilliant. 

For instance, this photo below.  If you said to a client, "I'm thinking two pieces of art - one modern and one Renaissance, ethnic prints, cowhide covered french arm chairs, a swivel task lamp, a sisal headboard and sail stripes on the floor," they would think you were mad. But no - its awesome.
via Brabourne Farm
And this.  What an odd jumble of granny furniture paired with an IKEA daybed.  And check out the Morticia Adams style candelabra in the corner.  Its huge!  But somehow, it works.
via Deco Photo
And this beautiful little cubby.  Peach paint on the walls usually induces a gag reflex for me.  And what about the weird little lime green kitty cut-outs above the desk.  But I love this little nook!  I don't feel like barfing at all!
via Design Sponge
And what in the world is going on here?  Funky furniture shapes, textures and paint choices abound.  I'm not sure why this room works at all.  Or does it?  There is no good reason for this kind of chaotic color palette - and yet, its kind of groovy.  There is something about this room that I really love.  Or I'm just blinded by the clash of mauve, mustard, red and beige? Why does this work?
Marjorie Skouras Design

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