Sarah gets psychic - trends for 2011

Design Refuge has just announced their November design challenge.  They (the proverbial they) want to know what the most important design trends will be for 2011.  So here is my psychic stab at the up and coming design trends for 2011!

Vintage Brass
Celery Green
Lace Curtains
Animal Lamps

1. Vintage Brass
We are still in a serious economic slump and I think that decorators, stylists and designers alike will be utilizing whatever might be lying around their grandma's house.  Enter vintage brass.  Its beautiful, durable and will easily mesh with most any style you desire.  So polish up those old candle sticks and get them out on the table!

2. Celery Green
This is going to be the big color this year.  Its fresh, bright and yet, still a neutral.  Whether you go dark or light its good on the walls, on the furniture or used as pops of color here and there. 

(And look... vintage brass AND celery green together!)

3. Lace curtains
Back to my earlier comment about dragging grandma's decor out into the open -  we're in a recession people, use the old stuff!  That Victorian by-gone, the lace curtain, will be making an appearance again in 2011.  And not just over windows - it will be up-cycled on throw pillows, bed coverings, lamp shades, etc. 

(And look... lace AND celery green together!)

4. Animal lamps
All you have to do is walk through Urban Outfitters or check out the new Jonathan Adler line to know that animal lamp bases are going to have a strong showing in 2011.  Personally, I don't go in for the woodland animal lamps, but a big horse or lion head - count me in!

(And look... brass animal lamps!)

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