Give Thanks

Here are some gorgeous table dressings to inspire you as you set your own Thanksgiving table today.  Whether you're at home or traveling, I hope that you find yourself seated at a beautiful table surrounded by loved ones eating amazing home cooked food.

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For those of you who haven't had time to decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday, here are two quick and easy free downloads to help you set the tone.  I made the garland below in 20 minutes and hung it in my dining room over our table - super easy!  I also did a quick frame job of the "Keep Calm and Gobble On" poster to display on my sideboard. 

Free Download - "Give Thanks" Banner

Free Download - "Keep Calm and Gobble On" Poster

My family has much to be grateful for this year: our amazing children, the team of doctors overseeing Charlie's care and treatment, our dear friends and family - many of whom have come for a visit since Charlie's birth, and our beautiful home - the place that houses all our dreams and hopes for the future.  We send all our best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family.  I'll end with a few shots of our Thanksgiving table.

Yesterday, I made both apple and pumpkin pie so that my 
oven would be free for turkey and other yummy dishes.

Here is the "Gobble On" poster all framed up on my sideboard.

Happy Thanksgiving!