Sea Birds

While living in the Pacific Northwest a few years back, I went to see a spiritual intuitive. She was very gifted and we had a really phenomenal session. One of the many things she mentioned was that my totem was a sea bird. She said that I, like a sea bird, was gifted at finding what I needed to survive. (I guess I am a kind of scavenger). She also said that I was a creature who must always be near the sea. (So, I promptly uprooted my family and moved to Dallas. Ha!) Separately, I spent the early part of this past summer at my father's home on the North Sea of Scotland. He lives a stone's throw away from a bird sanctuary - a beautiful jutting rock that provides shelter for thousands of sea birds. I think the psychic was right - I am really drawn to the sea and the birds who live there. Today, I'm longing for a little ocean spray and admiring the art of Fran Knowles, who carefully captures these Scottish sea birds in her lovely pencil sketches.

She sketches other kinds of birdies too:

See more of Fran's work at her website: