Getting Organized

I've spent the last week collecting supplies and preparing my home for our new arrival - I'm 37 weeks along today. We're having this baby at home, so there are a few more things to consider this time around. Being organized and getting all my stacks in order has been a high priority this week. I've been picking up all sorts of weird odds and ends: inflatable birth tub, food grade hose, tarp, oversize garbage bags, Depends (yes, adult diapers), Chux pads for fluid absorption, plastic drop cloth or sheet, flashlight, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol. My supply list reads like something out of a Cohen Brother's film - I could be preparing for a home birth, or murder or the search and rescue of a humpback whale. My mother-in-law says that if I come home with a wood chipper, she's calling the police. I'll post some photos of my "get organized" projects soon, but until then, enjoy these perfectly appointed spaces.