Sprucing up my bedroom

I have a serious addiction to bedding. Every 6-9 months or so, I find some new coverlet or bedspread to try out in my bedroom. I am constantly changing the look of the bed and more importantly, the weight of the covers to match the weather. I'm currently crushing on this Sparrow Duvet from Pottery Barn. I think it would be beautiful with my yellow IKEA bed.

...and so you can have the whole picture, here is a photo of my bed this morning. The quilt was a mother's day gift from my husband from the Liberty line at Target. You'll notice the left over ceiling fan - I took off the blades, which were in the way of the canopy. The fan wasn't working anyway. I want to replace it with a chandelier type light that could swag to the center of the bed.

And wouldn't it be lovely with this little chandelier? Or is this getting too twee - the bird print, the nest-like branch light, etc? Please, dear readers, tell me if my pregnancy hormones are causing me to make silly design choices.

Just for fun, here are some other
interiors that showcase the same bed